Bowling For Soup, Kissimmee And 4 Mile Drive At The Empire, Middlesbrough On 7th July 2010.




BOWLING FOR SOUP/KISSIMMEE/4 MILE DRIVE Live @ The Empire, Middlesbrough on Wednesday 7th July 2010

Once again our regular contributor was otherwise unavailable so we sent our very own David Bailey, Oliver Perry, to not only take snaps of the bands but to write it all up as well.

I decided to pop down to local venue Empire on a Wednesday night to see some American sited pop punk. At gigs like this it’s good to see the big band of the night Bowling For Soup saying a good thank you to the support bands both local and national on display before them. That night it was Kissimmee and 4 Mile Drive supporting and for the young bands it must be good to be playing to a fully packed Empire dance floor.

 4 Mile Drive were the first band on the bill, and they really went all out with a high energy performance and with their in your face punk style, really got the crowd warmed up with the odd chanty sited lyrics to get the night kicked off.



Next up was Kissimmee, (from London)

 who could be likened to Paramore in the way that they put themselves across. I felt that Kissimmee didn’t really have support of the crowd quite as much as 4 Mile Drive. Probably a local thing but they were very good.

 Top of the bill was as I said Bowling For Soup, who gave the packed dance floor crowd what they wanted, both musically and verbally. There was gaps left in the set for a few jokes and banter



which was really well received. It was good to see the fans getting what they wanted, and for those who aren’t exactly die-hard fans, they still pulled out the classics such as; ‘1985,’ ‘High School Never Ends’ (much requested by the crowd) and ‘Girl All The Bad Guys Want.’

Again a big thanks to Oliver for his photos and reviews. A big thanks to Ash at the Empire. Preview of whats coming up in the summer and a lot of great live dates in the Autumn including; Fun Lovin’ Criminals, Dreadzone, Ellie Goulding and surely the double bill of the year Young Rebel Set with Cattle & Cane. Check them all out at;

By peter on July 28, 2010

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