Inspiral Carpets Sheffield Leadmill 3rd March


The Inspirals along with The Mondays were my two favourite Manchester bands, I  liked The Roses but given the pick they would have come 3rd.
When I heard that they were reforming with original singer Stephen Holt I couldn’t wait to get tickets to see them. The Dung 4 demo tape was for me one of The Inspiral Carpets high lights and I always preferred Stephen to his eventual replacement Tom Hingley. Not that I have anything against him he was a good singer but I only ever saw them the first time around with Tom upfront so the original line up appealed even more.

I even had a Clint Boon hair cut back in the day which when look back now at photo’s I cringe but at the time i thought i was the bollocks with that and my flares!

Back in the 90′s we saw the Inspirals numerous times and even did both GMEX shows. They were always good live and put on an excellent show but what would they be like this time around….

Before they take to the stage the film footage from days of old is shown on a big back drop on stage and a smaller one side stage. Footage of them from years ago, watching it seemed only like yesterday not over 20 years ago!

They make their way onto the stage, the audience erupt and Commercial Reign begins bass player Martyn Walsh playing his guitar as though his life depends on it!!

A big grin forms on my face, have they really been away that long and boy have we missed you I think to myself.

What follows next is hit after hit (they play 21 songs in total) Joe, This is how it feels, she comes in the fall, 96 Tears, Saturn 5 etc etc.

They are brilliant and I aren’t just saying that, they really are, often when bands reform and you dare to venture and see them its poor and never the same, tonight is far from that.

We manage to sneak backstage afterwards and I have a word with Stephen and compliment him and  the rest of the band on how time has been very fair on them all in terms of aging! Something that I’m afraid cant be said about Cast! When we saw them before Christmas I could only recognise John Power the rest of the band looked like three old roadies!!

So 2012 looks an exciting year for the Manchester revival and the Inspirals They certainly have plenty on for the coming months. The 2nd date on this tour takes in Athens, Greece before returning back to the UK.

If you can get to see them I would, they are doing Kendall Calling, M Fest as well as supporting The Happy Mondays on a nationwide tour. And thats all after they have finished their own headline tour! Phew

Clint Boon even after tonights show shoots over to Manchester for a DJ slot.

Now for the set list. It is a bit hit and miss as I was very very drunk!! One last thing to add my ears were still ringing two days later so that shows you how load things were either that or I’m getting old!!

1.Commercial Reign

2. Joe

3. She comes in the Fall

4. Old song!


6. Your so good for me

7.This is How it feels


9. Directing Traffic

10. Generations

11.Keep the Circle Around

12.Find Out Why

13. Changes

14. Seeds of Doubt

15. Garage Full of Flowers


16. I want you

17. Dragging me down

18. Causeway (I think!!)


20.96 Tears

21. Saturn 5

Any thing I have wrong let me know but towards the end of the set I was struggling to focus!!

Visit and now!!!!!!!

By Andy on March 12, 2012

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