Washington Irving @ The Electric Circus In Edinburgh On Wednesday 14th August 2013

On the night that England and Scotland decided to re-open hostilities. We set off North to catch the Sound of Young Scotland. It is almost 14 years since the last meeting between the oldest of enemies in the international world. With 22,000 Scots travelling to Wembley in the hope of a repeat of 1977 we were heading to Edinburgh hoping no one noticed our accents. So before we could get to the gig we had to find a pub to watch the footy. So we apologise to all the support bands at this gig as we were in a pub packed with singing Scotsmen rather than in the venue watching Scotsmen singing!

So after an exciting game and lots of beers we ventured to the Electric Circus. We arrived just as Washington Irving were taking the stage. Now if you’ve been following us closely you will know that these boys are one of, if not our favourite band. Only a few groups could make me travel over 250 miles, round trip, to see them but these are one of them. They take to the stage and launch into “Holy Company” their latest single. They perform all of their debut album (yes, they’ve only released half of it but its still brilliant). They also revisit a few oldies in “Sisi” and “Islands”. Hopefully these two are on the second half of their debut when it arrives. I also hope they include “Dear Lisa” which is one of their finest. For those who have not come across these boys before what are they like? A younger, more sober, better looking Pogues. A folk band that are more The Clash than finger in the ear “Hey nonny nonny”. More punk sweat than Arran sweater. They take traditional Celtic folk and crank it up in both volume and energy to produce a sound that is both melodic and infectious. “Wandering Wits” is a smash hit waiting to happen. Like a lot of the bands I have come across over the past 3 or 4 years part of me thinks they should be filling arenas but part of me is glad they are still playing pubs.

And almost as soon as they arrive they are gone. They really must start doing longer sets!!!

So was it worth it? Travelling all the way to Edinburgh, two night stay over, taxi fares that would make you blush and an encounter with Allan Young which we will be talking about for many a year. Hell yes. Worth every penny. My only disappointment was that I had decided not to go onto Oban for their first hometown gig a few days later. But that dreaded thing called football got in the way again!!! So I will have to wait until November to get my next fix. When they return to the Westgarth in Middlesbrough. In the meantime you could seek them out, fall in love, and I’ll see you down the front when they return.


WASHINGTON IRVING: http://www.washingtonirvingband.com/

ELECTRIC CRCUS: http://www.theelectriccircus.biz/

THE KIDS ARE SOLID GOLD: http://thekidsaresolidgold.co.uk/

By peter on August 24, 2013

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